4 Critical Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

4 Critical Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

4 Critical Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

If you were injured in a truck accident through no fault of your own, the at-fault party may be liable for your medical bills, lost income, and other damages. Unfortunately, large motor carriers and their insurance companies will go to great lengths to protect their bottom line—and that means scrutinizing every claim that comes their way.

It’s important that you’re careful about what you do and say after the accident because the opposing party will be looking for reasons to dispute liability and damages. Here are four steps you can take to protect your case:

1. Visit a Doctor for an Official Diagnosis

You should seek medical attention right away, even if you think your injuries aren’t serious. If you delay treatment, the insurance company might say that your own negligence has caused your injuries to worsen. Also, the more time that passes between the accident and your diagnosis, the more difficult it may be for your attorney to prove causation. The best time to visit a doctor is immediately when you leave the scene, but certainly no later than 72 hours after the collision.

2. Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

As soon as you leave the doctor’s office, contacting a lawyer should be your top priority. A seasoned truck accident attorney can help you avoid critical mistakes and oversights that might jeopardize your case. Your lawyer can also take care of all correspondence with the opposing party so you don’t provide any harmful statements in a recorded conversation. And the sooner your lawyer can investigate your case, the more likely it will be that time-sensitive evidence can still be gathered.

3. Disable Your Social Media Accounts

To prevent the claims adjuster from using your social media content to dispute your claim, it’s a good idea to disable your accounts until the conclusion of your case. At the very least, set your profiles to “private,” and don’t post anything until your claim has been resolved. Also, make sure your friends and family don’t post any photos of you for the time being.

4. Start a Personal Injury Journal

Daily journal entries about the effects your injuries are having on your life could make your claim more compelling. Be sure to discuss any social events you’ve missed, medication side effects, and the impacts your injuries have had on relationships with loved ones. These entries might be used by your attorney to prove non-economic damages.

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