Uninsured Motorist Claims
Uninsured Motorist Claims

Uninsured Motorist Claims

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Helping Clients File Uninsured Motorist Insurance Claims

California requires all drivers to carry a certain amount of auto insurance to cover the losses of accident victims if the driver crashes. Unfortunately, not all drivers comply with the law, as some drivers may not be insured. Learning that a driver doesn’t have coverage can be concerning and frustrating, especially when you know you will face losses due to property damage and injuries. That is when you should call a Beverly Hills uninsured motorist accident attorney.

When someone is uninsured after a crash, you may feel helpless. However, know that our experienced uninsured motorist claims lawyer in Beverly Hills regularly helps clients in this same position. Jalilvand Law can stand up for your rights after an accident with an uninsured driver, so please do not hesitate to call today.

How Uninsured Motorist Claims Work

Auto insurance companies in California require companies to offer policyholders uninsured motorist coverage, also known as UMC. This coverage provides benefits when an at-fault driver does not have the required auto insurance coverage. Accident victims should not suffer unnecessary financial consequences just because another driver violated the law.

With the help of a Beverly Hills uninsured motorist accident attorney, you will file the claim with your own insurer, even though you were not to blame. Many people expect the insurance process to be easier if it involves their own insurance company – after all, you pay the premiums, so you should easily receive benefits, right? Believe us when we say that your own insurance company can be just as difficult, and will often try to settle your claim for less than you deserve.

Contact an Uninsured Motorist Claims Lawyer in Beverly Hills for Help

At Jalilvand Law, we represent clients in filing all types of auto insurance claims, and we work to make sure you receive the full amount you deserve based on your losses. For a free consultation with a Beverly Hills uninsured motorist claims attorney, call 310.478.5800 or contact us online today.