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Lyft Accidents

Lyft Accidents

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Contact Us for Help if You Suffered Injuries in a Lyft Accident

Lyft is one of the main rideshare services in the United States, providing convenient and affordable transportation for a million or more people each day. However, some people have an entirely different experience when it comes to Lyft, as they may suffer serious injuries in a Lyft crash. Whether you were injured as a Lyft passenger or as a motorist in another vehicle, you should learn about your legal options from a Lyft accident lawyer in Beverly Hills right away. Contact Jalilvand Law for a free consultation.

When a Lyft Driver Causes a Crash

While a Lyft driver is not always to blame for an accident, insurance issues may get more complicated if the Lyft driver caused your injuries. This is why you need a Beverly Hills Lyft accident lawyer to assist you. Fortunately, California law requires both Lyft drivers and the company itself to carry certain insurance coverage to ensure that accident victims receive proper compensation. Different policies may apply depending on the status of the Lyft driver when they crashed.

  • If the Lyft driver was not active in the Lyft app at the time of the accident, the driver’s individual insurance policy should cover your losses.
  • If the Lyft driver was active but was waiting for a ride request, Lyft’s policy should cover losses up to $50,000 per person or $100,0000 per accident.
  • If the Lyft driver had accepted a ride and was picking up a passenger or driving a passenger, Lyft’s $1 million policy should be applied.

Learn How Our Lyft Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills Can Help

Because Lyft insurance claims can be complex, you should seek help from a Beverly Hills Lyft accident attorney. Speak with attorney Kamelia Jalilvand at Jalilvand Law for free by calling 310.478.5800 or contacting us online.