Single Vehicle Accidents
Single Vehicle Accidents

Single Vehicle Accidents

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Representing Injured Clients after Single-Vehicle Crashes

When you think of a car crash, you usually think of two vehicles colliding with one another. However, many car accidents only involve one vehicle. A car may run off the road, hit a guardrail or sign, lose control and roll over, and more. When you are the only driver who crashed, you may assume you do not have the right to hold anyone else accountable. However, other parties are often to blame for single-vehicle crashes, and anyone injured in this type of accident should discuss a possible claim with a vehicle accident lawyer in Beverly Hills. Do not hesitate to call Jalilvand Law to learn about your rights today.

Who May be Liable for Your Losses?

Many other parties may be responsible for your single-vehicle crash. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Another driver negligently comes into your lane and runs you off the road
  • A vehicle part suddenly malfunctions and causes you to lose control and crash
  • Hitting a pothole or road hazard causes you to lose control and crash

These are only a few of many possible reasons why someone else should cover your injury-related losses. Attorney Kamelia Jalilvand will carefully investigate the cause of your crash and determine which insurance claims you can file to recover for your medical bills, lost earnings, and other losses. Such compensation can greatly help during your recovery from your injuries, which is why you need to contact a Beverly Hills single vehicle accident attorney.

Find Out How Our Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills Can Help

Never assume that you have no right to compensation just because no one else crashed. Many single-vehicle accidents lead to insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits, so you should always discuss your legal options with an experienced Beverly Hills vehicle accident attorney. Schedule your free case evaluation with Jalilvand Law by calling 310.478.5800 or contacting us online today.