Uber Accidents
Uber Accidents

Uber Accidents

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Learn How an Experienced Lawyer can Help after Your Uber Crash

If you need a ride around Beverly Hills, you may regularly turn to your Uber app, and a driver may be there in a matter of minutes. While Uber is a convenient way to get around, you are essentially trusting a stranger to safely transport you to your destination. Uber drivers do not have any special training or licensing requirements, so an accident can happen when you least expect it.

If a crash involving an Uber caused you injuries, you should discuss your options with a skilled Uber accident lawyer in Beverly Hills as soon as possible. Attorney Kamelia Jalilvand is here to assist accident victims, so please contact Jalilvand Law right away.

Uber-Related Insurance Claims

Insurance claims stemming from Uber accidents are often complicated, and there are several claims you may need to file, including:

  • A claim with the Uber driver’s policy
  • A claim with Uber’s policy
  • A claim with a third-party driver’s policy

Uber does have a $1 million insurance policy on each driver when they are actively involved in a prearranged ride, which can help cover your losses from severe injuries. You should have an experienced Beverly Hills Uber accident attorney review the circumstances of your accident and determine whether a claim with Uber’s policy is possible. If not, you may still pursue claims against drivers who were negligent and caused the crash.

Speak with an Uber Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills for Free Today

The right Beverly Hills Uber accident attorney will evaluate your legal rights and options after a rideshare accident. These claims are often complex, and you should focus on your physical recovery and allow Jalilvand Law to handle your financial recovery. Please call 310.478.5800 or contact us online to set up your consultation.