Mortgage Servicer Misconduct
Mortgage Servicer Misconduct

Mortgage Servicer Misconduct

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Protecting the Rights of Homeowners from Mortgage Servicing Errors

People in the Beverly Hills area work hard to purchase homes, and often take out substantial mortgages to do so. Your mortgage servicer is then responsible for processing your payments, as well as addressing non-payment issues, including foreclosures. While you may make your payments each month, you may be shocked to learn your servicer believes you are behind or even in default. You should immediately speak with an experienced mortgage servicer misconduct lawyer in Beverly Hills if this occurs. Jalilvand Law Corporation (JLC) represents property owners who face serious errors or misconduct by mortgage servicers.

Common Loan Servicing Errors

Mortgage servicers make mistakes at an alarming rate, and many of these mistakes can seriously affect homeowners. Some common errors include:

  • Payment and accounting errors – Servicers may fail to properly and promptly apply payments to the right account or may ignore a grace period. This can lead to credit issues, unnecessary fees, and more.
  • Unreasonable or incorrect fees – When servicers wrongfully tack on late fees or default-related fees, it can substantially increase the amount due, preventing the homeowner from making the necessary payments.
  • Failed escrow disbursements – Servicers collect funds for taxes and insurance to be held in escrow and disbursed to the proper parties at the proper time. Failed disbursements can result in unnecessary fees and penalties.

Reversing servicing errors is not an easy process, so you should consult with a Beverly Hills mortgage servicer misconduct attorney as soon as possible if you suspect errors have affected your mortgage account.

Discuss Your Situation with a Mortgage Servicer Misconduct Lawyer in Beverly Hills

Failing to address servicing errors can lead to serious consequences and even wrongful foreclosure. Jalilvand Law’s eviction attorney in Beverly Hills can help you face servicing misconduct head-on and resolve the matter before it escalates and affects your credit. Call 310.478.5800 or contact us online today.

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