Rental Car Accidents
Rental Car Accidents

Rental Car Accidents

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Dealing with Rental Car Companies and Insurers after a Rental Car Accident

Whether you’re visiting the Beverly Hills area or your car is being repaired, renting a car can give you the freedom to get around without waiting on taxi cabs or rideshare drivers. However, rental car companies have strict – and often confusing – rules when it comes to damage to the rental car and insurance coverage.

If you are in a crash in a rented vehicle, you should discuss what happened with a rental car accident lawyer in Beverly Hills. Attorney Kamelia Jalilvand can review the circumstances of your accident, your rental agreement, and more and advise you of your options to ensure proper financial recovery. Call Jalilvand Law right away for more information about the Beverly Hill rental car accident attorney you need.

Rental Car Accident Complications

You cannot rent a car in California without some form of insurance coverage, whether you use your own, purchase coverage from the rental company, or have another source, such as your credit card. If you return the rental car damaged, the company will surely seek payment from the insurance company you chose.

However, if another driver caused the crash, you should be able to file a claim with that driver’s insurance to cover the property damage and your personal losses, including your medical bills. Because several different insurance claims may be involved, it is important to have the right legal professional handling every step of the process right from the start.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with Our Rental Car Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills

A Beverly Hills rental car attorney can evaluate your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve after a rental car crash. Call Jalilvand Law at 310.478.5800 or contact us online to set up an initial appointment today and to begin protecting your rights as an accident victim.