Hit and Run Accident
Hit and Run Accident

Hit and Run Accident

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Advising You of Your Options after a Stressful Hit and Run Crash

California law has strict requirements for drivers to stop after an accident. If any injuries resulted, the law requires you to report the accident to authorities right away or within 24 hours. While most of us pull right over after a collision and get ready to exchange information, some people make the illegal decision to drive away and flee the scene. A Beverly Hills hit and run accident attorney can go over your options after one of these types of accidents.

Watching as another driver fails to stop can be distressing. Who is going to cover your medical and car repair bills, among other losses? The good news is that there are many ways you still may be able to recover for your losses even if a driver left the scene, and a Beverly Hills hit and run accident lawyer can evaluate your options. Do not hesitate to call Jalilvand Law today to discuss your accident.

Seeking the Compensation You Deserve

When someone else causes your accident, you deserve financial recovery under the law. Often, people hit and run because they were violating the law in some way, such as drinking and driving or not having the required insurance coverage. You should immediately report your crash to the authorities, as they may be able to speak with witnesses and use other tools to locate the liable driver. Even if police fail to locate the driver, you can often file an uninsured motorist claim after a hit and run. Discuss this possibility with a Beverly Hills hit and run attorney today.

Consult with a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills

Attorney Kamelia Jalilvand helps all types of car accident victims, including victims of hit and run crashes. Call Jalilvand Law at 310.478.5800 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.