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Standing Up for Paralyzed Accident Victims in and around Beverly Hills

Spinal cord injuries are a primary cause of paralysis, and many such injuries happen in unexpected accidents. People suffer life-changing spinal injuries in motor vehicle accidents, falls, and many other sudden incidents. While an injury can happen in an instant, the effects of the injury can be permanent.

People suffering from paralysis should always discuss their rights with a paralysis lawyer in Beverly Hills. In many situations, another party can be held liable for all of your injury-related losses. Learning about your rights is especially critical since paralysis-related losses can be astronomical. Contact attorney Kamelia Jalilvand and Jalilvand Law Corporation (JLC) for a free case evaluation today.

The Extreme Costs of Paralysis

There are different types of paralysis – someone can be paralyzed in the lower part of the body or from the neck down. Generally, paralysis occurs in the body below the point of the spinal injury. Some people suffer a loss of organ functioning due to paralysis, as well as movement and sensory abilities.

No matter what degree of paralysis a person experiences, they likely will not be able to walk again, which is why they need a Beverly Hills paralysis attorney. This limitation alone can be enough to completely upend their life. They will require equipment such as wheelchairs, auto and home accommodations, and more simply for everyday tasks. Some paralysis victims need home assistance and ongoing medical care for the rest of their lives. Needless to say, the costs associated with paralysis can easily add up to millions of dollars over a lifetime.

Learn about Your Options from a Paralysis Lawyer in Beverly Hills

By contacting a Beverly Hills paralysis attorney, you can protect your rights to hold negligent parties liable for your injury-related losses. Call Jalilvand Law at 310.478.5800 or contact us online to set up your free consultation today.