How Far Will the Insurance Company Go to Discredit Your Claim?

How Far Will the Insurance Company Go to Discredit Your Claim?

How Far Will the Insurance Company Go to Discredit Your Claim?

If you have been harmed by another driver’s negligence, such as excess speed, impairment, or distraction, the path toward recovery can be long and daunting. While it’s true that the at-fault driver’s insurance provider is paid specifically for the purpose of covering claims like yours, it is going to do what it can to keep your settlement as low as possible. And the more money that is at stake, the more likely the insurance company is to pull out all the stops.

Having an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney in your corner from the outset is always well-advised.

Things to Consider

The insurance company is likely to do some digging into your life and extrapolate from there. As such, it’s important to keep all the following in mind:

  • Anything you say to the insurance company is unlikely to do you or your case any favors. The best policy is to leave the insurance company to your dedicated car accident attorney.
  • Anything you post on social media is fair game, and you can expect the insurance company to be watching. Taking a social media hiatus until your claim is finalized is the best approach.
  • Your driving record is a matter of public information, and if you have any dings on it, the insurance company is likely to trot them out as evidence that you’re a habitually negligent driver.
  • The insurance company can go so far as hiring a PI to watch you for signs that you’re not as injured as you say you are, but there are legal limits to such activity.

You Need an Experienced Beverly Hills Car Accident Attorney on Your Side

The formidable Beverly Hills car accident attorneys at Jalilvand Law have a wealth of experience successfully taking on aggressive insurance companies, and we’re here for you too. Learn more by contacting or calling us at 310.478.5800 today.