Back Injuries from Car Crashes

Back Injuries from Car Crashes

Back Injuries from Car Crashes

Car accidents in the United States cause different forms of back injuries, often because the back absorbs significant pressure and force during high-impact accidents. These injuries need immediate medical attention to help improve prognosis and prevent complications. If you needed treatment for a back injury after a crash, a Beverly Hills car accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for your injuries from any negligent parties.

Lumbar Spine Injuries

Injuries to your back can destabilize your spine. This can limit your mobility, cause inflammation and bruising, and grossly affect your ability to work or perform regular life duties.

Upper Back Injuries

Car accidents cause a large percentage of upper back injuries each year. These injuries can involve the spinal cord, muscles, joints, or other soft tissue of the back, and they can all be debilitating due to pain and reduced range of motion.

Disc Injuries

Some car accidents can displace the discs in your spine. The displacement exerts pressure on the spine and its neighboring nerves, and a patient with this injury feels sudden and intense pain – often in their lower back region. Their legs also feel numb, and surgery might even be required to correct the problem.

Complete Spinal Cord Injuries

Perhaps the most severe back injury from car accidents is a complete spinal cord injury. These injuries can cut off the messages sent through your spine, resulting in permanent damage that causes lifelong disabilities in your body below the point of injury. This can result in:

  • Complete or partial paralysis.
  • Numbness in some body parts.
  • Loss of reflex function.

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Car accidents can cause various back injuries, and these injuries can have devastating effects on your future life. You might have important rights if you suffered these injuries in a crash, and a Beverly Hills car accident attorney from Jalilvand Law can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Please contact us for a free case evaluation today.