Who Was Responsible for Your Motorcycle Accident?

Who Was Responsible for Your Motorcycle Accident?

Who Was Responsible for Your Motorcycle Accident?

Everywhere in Southern California, you can see people zipping around on their motorcycles and other two-wheeled motor vehicles. While this can be an adrenaline rush and a great way to enjoy the climate and views, other drivers regularly crash into motorcyclists and cause them serious injuries. It is key to identify who can be held responsible for your crash, as this party should also be responsible for all of your injury-related losses.

Consider All Related Parties

In a motorcycle crash, there can be more than one at-fault party. You may just be thinking this is about you and the other driver, however, in a personal injury case from a motorcycle crash, these parties may also be partially or wholly responsible:

  • The last mechanic who worked on your bike (and/or the company that made the new part your mechanic installed)
  • The company you bought, leased, or rented the bike from
  • The motorcycle manufacturer
  • The company tha made your motorcycle or safety gear
  • The driver of the passenger vehicle involved in the accident
  • The city, county, or state government agency responsible for maintaining the road you were traveling on
  • The person who spilled or left dangerous debris in the roadway without cleaning it up

How Insurance Companies Determine Fault

Insurance adjusters consider a variety of different types of negligence, such as breaking traffic laws, driving carelessly, distracted driving, and more. Car crashes are not always black-and-white, and an insurance company or a judge may decide that one party is 60% responsible and the other is 40% responsible.

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