How Do You Know Who Was at Fault in Your Car Accident?

How Do You Know Who Was at Fault in Your Car Accident?

How Do You Know Who Was at Fault in Your Car Accident?

Some states use a “no-fault” car accident system, meaning that, in the event of an accident, insurance companies don’t consider who was to blame. California, however, does use an “at-fault” system for car accidents. This means the driver who caused the wreck is responsible for the damages they caused.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

Hopefully, someone called the police to the scene of your accident. The police will take a report of the accident, in which they will investigate the cause of the crash. A traffic collision police report in the state of California will clearly outline which driver was at fault. In order to know which driver that was, simply request to see the police report. Most insurance companies will conduct their own investigations as well, which includes reading the police report.

What About Multi-Vehicle Crashes?

In a “pile-up” or “chain reaction” type of accident, the driver who caused the first impact might be held responsible for the entire accident. Police and insurance companies, however, will look at these factors:

  • Was anyone speeding or tailgating (this includes stopping too close behind another car at a stop light)?
  • Did any involved drivers fail to signal?
  • Was any driver distracted or driving recklessly?
  • Was a mechanical failure (brakes quit working) or roadway hazard (gravel spilled all over the road by a dump truck in front of the “first impact” driver) to blame?

More than one driver might share fault for the crash, so you might need to file multiple insurance claims.

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