You Can Sustain a Brain Injury with a Bicycle Helmet

You Can Sustain a Brain Injury with a Bicycle Helmet

You Can Sustain a Brain Injury with a Bicycle Helmet

When you think of traumatic brain injuries in sports, you might generally think of football players and the risks they face in the heavy contact sport. You might not realize that the sport with the most frequent traumatic brain injuries for its participants is actually cycling, with more traumatic brain injuries coming from this sport than any other. Perhaps it is the large volume of people that participate in the sport of cycling that leads to these figures, but the fact remains that cycling exposes you to a higher risk for traumatic brain injuries, even if you are wearing a helmet.

That is not to say that helmets do not provide protection against traumatic brain injuries for cyclists. Studies show that wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury from cycling by 88%. This means that a helmet is a sure way to reduce your risk of sustaining a traumatic injury while bicycling, however, it does not completely protect you from that risk. 

Despite the increased use of helmets by riders, recent studies show a troubling development of the average rate of head injuries per bicyclist has increased. Thus, while a helmet will protect you and decrease your risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury, it is still quite possible to sustain one while wearing a helmet if you are in an accident.

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