How Dooring Accidents Hurt Cyclists

How Dooring Accidents Hurt Cyclists

How Dooring Accidents Hurt Cyclists

Bike lanes running right next to where cars are parking is, as they say, an accident waiting to happen. Our passionate team of Beverly Hills bike accident attorneys has seen the damage and injuries that can be caused when car passengers open their doors in front of incoming bicycles, and it can be severe. If a driver opened a car door without first checking whether there was an oncoming cyclist, they should be responsible for all of the harm and losses that result.

Drivers, Check Your Mirrors

If you’re parked next to the street, particularly if you’re parked next to a bike lane, always look for bicycles before you open your door. This extra millisecond can make a huge difference to a cyclist and their bike. Anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of drivers report that they do not check their mirrors for cyclists in these situations. You can think of opening your door in potential traffic as if you were switching lanes.

Failing to check before you open a door can result in severe injuries to cyclists that need medical care and might cause disabilities.

Dooring Accidents Can Be Fatal

Bicyclists frequently flip head-first over their handlebars in dooring accidents. As a reaction, many cyclists will swerve into traffic to avoid hitting the opening door. This, of course, can be fatal. Severe head and neck injuries are common in dooring accidents, even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet.

Dooring Accident? Our Beverly Hills Bicycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

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