Tour Bus Crashes

Tour Bus Crashes

Tour Bus Crashes

A good majority of tourists make use of tour buses to reach their destinations within the State of California. Unfortunately, in spite of the advantages of tour buses, they also cause major traffic accidents in and around Beverly Hills. Due to their large size and unwieldy nature, tour buses can be difficult to drive, especially in heavily populated areas. This can lead to accidents involving other cars or pedestrians that occur more frequently because of all the tour bus traffic in California. 

There are particular reasons why bus accidents occur in California, and these include:

  • The driver fails to follow traffic rules – California is one of the states with the most traffic rules, but despite this, many drivers fail to adhere to the implemented laws. When a tour bus driver breaks any traffic rule, there is a possibility that he may cause or get involved in a road collision.
  • The driver is exhausted – Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of tour bus accidents in California. Generally, bus drivers get exhausted due to demanding tour schedules that they need to follow. When a driver is fatigued, chances are his driving skills and performance is significantly affected.
  • The bus driver is under the influence of alcohol – Driving while under the influence of alcohol often results in traffic accidents. Some tour bus drivers operate their vehicles while intoxicated, and this can cause an instant road mishap due to the fact that alcohol can impair a person’s motor and mental skills.
  • Poorly maintained tour buses – Some travel companies do not make the effort to maintain their tour buses. A vehicle that is poorly maintained is likely to malfunction. In order to avoid this, companies must make sure that their buses are regularly evaluated and repaired.

If you are a victim of a tour bus accident, whether as a pedestrian or driver outside the bus or a passenger within the bus, you have a legal right to compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained on behalf of the negligent tour bus operation by the driver. Your claim against the tour bus company should be handled by a competent attorney who will fight to make sure your claim gets the most compensation possible.

A Beverly Hills Bus Accident Attorney Can Help

At Jalilvand Law, we strive to represent victims of tour bus accidents to our utmost ability so that they can receive the full compensation they deserve for their injuries. Contact a Beverly Hills bus accident lawyer today either online or by calling 310.478.5800 today.