Injuries to School Bus Passengers

Injuries to School Bus Passengers

Injuries to School Bus Passengers

When you send your child to school on the bus, you expect them to arrive safely. Even if your child does not ride the school bus every day, they will likely ride the bus for field trips, sports games, and other school-sponsored travel. While school buses are relatively safe vehicles, they do crash, and the young passengers on board can suffer severe injuries. If your child suffered injuries in a crash, speak with a Beverly Hills bus accident attorney about your next steps.

Serious Injuries to Bus Passengers

Most bus riders do not wear seat belts or have any restraints. This means that if a bus crashes, passengers can leave their seats and fall onto the floor, hit windows, and contact other hard objects. This can cause traumatic injuries that are less common in car accidents.

Further, buses are prone to rollover accidents because of their tall height and narrow wheelbase. If a bus rolls over onto its side in an accident, the passengers can fall onto one another, piling up on the side where the bus landed. This can result in severe head trauma and other injuries. Passengers might fall onto windows that break and cause lacerations. These are only some examples of the injuries school bus passengers might suffer in a crash.

When someone else causes a school bus accident – like the bus driver or another motorist – they should be responsible for all your child’s injuries and losses. The school district might also share liability, and these can be complicated legal claims.

Speak with a Beverly Hills Bus Accident Lawyer

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