Dangers for Cyclists in Beverly Hills

Dangers for Cyclists in Beverly Hills

Dangers for Cyclists in Beverly Hills

One bicycle advocacy outlet calls Beverly Hills “the most dangerous little city in California,” and for a good reason. While you have every legal right to be on the streets on your bicycle, you are taking your life into your hands when you do so. Beverly Hills intersections are routinely found to be among the most dangerous in the state in terms of accidents.

North Santa Monica Boulevard at Wilshire is known as a particularly dangerous intersection. This intersection was built to move as many cars through it as possible, with zero focus on the safety needs of cyclists. In fact, this is a common theme in Beverly Hills, which was designed with the car in mind. In other words, it has next to no infrastructure for cyclists to keep them safe. Motorists and cyclists share the same territory, and drivers do not always yield the right-of-way when they are legally required.

The bike injury statistics in Beverly Hills routinely put it in the top quartile nationally for fatalities and injuries. The city is home to both reckless and distracted drivers. There is always something going on in Beverly Hills, and drivers are often not paying attention to the roads when they drive. In addition, Beverly Hills drivers are some of the most aggressive and worst in the country. All in all, Beverly Hills could use some bike lanes and more enforcement against aggressive driving. Until then, cyclists will continue to be injured in large numbers.

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