Pedestrian Accidents at Night

Pedestrian Accidents at Night

Pedestrian Accidents at Night

Pedestrian fatalities have increased dramatically over the past decade, and the problem is only getting worse. The biggest risk to pedestrians is when they venture out at night. The problem is even worse in an urban area.

The Los Angeles area is the unfortunate perfect storm for pedestrian accidents, especially at night. Los Angelinos like to take advantage of the nightlife options in the area, and they are on the streets after dark. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So long as they are crossing at intersections and crosswalks, the duty falls on the driver to be careful and avoid hitting them.

Drivers Pay Even Less Attention at Night

The issue is that drivers do not exercise the proper care. They are even less responsible at night when there are more distractions. Roughly three-quarters of pedestrian accidents occur at night. Already, drivers may have more difficulty seeing at night. When you add in the distraction and inattention, drivers are even more likely to hit a pedestrian after dark.

In addition to reduced overall vision, drivers also have less peripheral vision at night. Peripheral vision is what allows a motorist to see on the sides of the road where a pedestrian may be crossing. Motorists will tend to focus on what is ahead of them as opposed to what is on their sides.

Just because seeing at night is more difficult does not mean that drivers will not be responsible for pedestrian accidents. The rule is still the same; the driver will need to pay for injuries when they re careless or reckless.

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