What Happens When You Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer?

What Happens When You Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer?

What Happens When You Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer?

When meeting with a car accident lawyer for the first time, it can be intimidating. It can help to know what to expect, as you have no reason to be stressed about your initial consultation with an attorney.

The first step of your meeting with a car accident attorney will usually be a case assessment. You will provide the lawyer with all the information they need to properly assess whether you have a valid cause of action to seek compensation. They might ask questions about how the accident occurred, as well as your medical expenses, property damage, personal injuries, and other related damages that you have suffered from the accident. A car accident lawyer will be honest and tell you when they believe you do not have a valid claim.

If the car accident attorney says they are willing to take your case, then you have some considerations in deciding whether to hire the attorney or not. Now it will be your turn to ask questions, such as:

  • What are your fees?
  • Who will do the bulk of the work on my case?
  • How often will I get case updates?
  • What are past results in cases similar to mine?
  • Do you usually settle cases or take them to court?

Once you have the answers you need, you can make a decision whether to proceed with that law firm or set up a consultation with another one.

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