What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

California has the most registered motorcyclists of any state, and these motorcyclists are always at risk of accidents and injuries. The predominant reason motorcycle accidents happen is negligent or inattentive driving by those in larger motor vehicles. These drivers might fail to see or notice motorcycles when making lane changes, turning, or merging. Even though motorcyclists have every right to share the road, they are always at high risk of being hit by drivers – especially distracted drivers.

Distracted drivers have a difficult time staying aware of their surroundings while driving. They might not notice a vehicle in their blind spot, they might not see traffic stopped in front of them, and other dangerous scenarios. Because motorcycles are such small vehicles, distracted drivers can have an even more challenging time seeing motorcycles on the road.

In addition to distracted driving, other common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

  • Aggressive drivers
  • Road hazards
  • Drunk drivers
  • Failing to yield
  • Dangerous lane changes

If another driver is negligent and collides with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist can suffer severe injuries. They can face months or years of medical treatment and bills, missed work and lost wages, and more. In California, drivers can be held liable for the harm they cause to others on the road. Injured motorcyclists should discuss their legal options with an attorney who regularly handles these injury claims.

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