Reckless Driving Is Causing More Pedestrian Deaths

Reckless Driving Is Causing More Pedestrian Deaths

Reckless Driving Is Causing More Pedestrian Deaths

Experts initially predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic would at least cut some of the escalating rates of serious motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened. Accident fatalities have actually increased since the beginning of 2020, reaching a 30-year high.

The main reason is that people have been driving far more recklessly than they did in the past. Fewer cars on the road actually gave motorists the space and ability to drive recklessly. Pedestrian deaths are already up over 46% in the last decade. Now, the issue is getting worse for a number of reasons, the most recent of them being an increased ability to speed.

Why Pedestrian Deaths Are Increasing

Other factors that have been cited for the recent uptick in pedestrian deaths are:

  • Drivers’ increased anxiety from the pandemic
  • Social norms of politeness and courtesy are declining
  • Motorists are driving larger cars that have a greater chance of killing a pedestrian

In general, drivers are far angrier these days. They take a lot of their frustrations out behind the wheel in the way that they drive. They are focused on themselves and their emotions as opposed to the safety of others. Many people have acted like rules are suspended since the start of the pandemic. Police enforcement has also fallen as officers have been wary of direct contact with motorists. Pedestrians are the ones who suffer the most because they have the least to protect them when there is an accident.

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