Drunk Drivers are Always a Risk on the Road

Drunk Drivers are Always a Risk on the Road

Drunk Drivers are Always a Risk on the Road

Drunk driving is not only risky behavior, but also often deadly. It is also a crime with varying levels of punishment besides destroying lives. According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, there were 1,069 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in California in 2018, the latest year statistics are available. That number was 10,011 nationally.

How Alcohol Impedes Driving Ability

Alcohol affects the human body in so many ways, including reduction of the brain’s functioning ability, adversely affecting one’s thinking ability, reasoning as well as muscle coordination. All these are abilities that are essential for one to drive safely.

As one’s alcohol levels rise in their system, the adverse effect on the central nervous system increases leading to the inability to safely operate a vehicle. This is because alcohol is directly absorbed through the walls of the stomach and small intestine. Once that happens, the alcohol passes straight into the bloodstream, where it accumulates until it is processed by the liver.

The more one drinks, the more alcohol is accumulated in the bloodstream, therefore, getting the person intoxicated, and the level of intoxication continues to rise the more the person drinks. The law recognizes that drinking per se does not lead to intoxication; rather, it is the amount of alcohol consumed which the law targets.

The blood alcohol limit (BAC) in all states is .08, and that includes California, but the amount of alcohol taken to reach or go over that limit depends on several factors, including the person’s height, gender, weight, and whether they had something to eat and were full before they started drinking.

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