Will My Car Accident Case Go to Court?

Will My Car Accident Case Go to Court?

Will My Car Accident Case Go to Court?

It is very rare for car accidents to be litigated in open court in front of a judge. The overwhelming majority of car accidents are settled between you and your insurance company, as well as you and the driver who caused the accident. Settling out of court saves time, money, energy, and sanity (in most cases).

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

If settling your car accident case doesn’t seem possible, remember that you can ask the other side to participate in ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution. ADR includes mediation and binding arbitration. Mediation is an interactive process where an objective, professionally-trained mediator assists you and the other party in agreeing to a fair settlement. Binding arbitration is similar to mediation except that the arbiter decides, like a judge, what the outcome will be.

What Happens at a Car Accident Trial?

Like any court case you’ve seen on TV, your lawyer and the lawyer for either the insurance company or the person who hit you. The lawyers will make both opening and closing statements to summarize their positions. Evidence will be presented. Witnesses will give testimony. There will most likely not be a jury present, just a judge.

The Verdict

The judge will take a recess to look over and evaluate all the evidence. Once the judge (or jury) reaches a decision, he or she will reconvene the court and announce the verdict. This will essentially be a decision of liability as well as the amount of damages or the remedy. For example, if the judge finds that the other party is responsible for hitting you (they are liable), then the judge will also announce how much money the liable party needs to pay you for damages.

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