Two Insurance Tactics to Watch Out for after a Car Crash

Two Insurance Tactics to Watch Out for after a Car Crash

Two Insurance Tactics to Watch Out for after a Car Crash

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, you’ll look to the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to cover your losses, but it’s generally not quite that simple. Insurance companies are big businesses that are in the habit of turning big profits, and you should be aware of the following tactics that are designed to help keep settlements low. If this is the challenging situation you find yourself in, protect your legal rights by consulting with an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney early in the process.

Making a Statement

The insurance company handling your claim may pressure, cajole, or sweet talk you into making a statement soon after the accident. The fact is, however, that – after being injured by another driver’s negligence – you’re at your most vulnerable, and the insurance company is not above taking advantage of your vulnerability. Leave the statement to your dedicated car accident attorney.

Offering an Early Settlement

If the insurance company gets right back to you with an early settlement offer, it can feel like a win. After all, you’re looking at losses in all the following categories (which can make moving forward daunting):

  • Mounting medical expenses
  • Lost income that correlates with lost hours on the job
  • Pain and suffering that can interfere with your ability to cope

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cost associated with life-threatening car accidents in California far exceeds that of other states, and an early settlement offer is almost certainly an attempt to finalize your claim before you recognize the extent of your expenses and other losses.

An Experienced Beverly Hills Car Crash Attorney Is Here to Help

The insightful Beverly Hills car accident attorneys at Jalilvand Law have the legal skill and experience to negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of your best interests. Learn more by contacting or calling us at 310.478.5800 today.