Do You Need to Go to The ER After an Accident?

Do You Need to Go to The ER After an Accident?

Do You Need to Go to The ER After an Accident?

After you’ve been in a car accident – or any sort of accident – your primary concern should be your health and wellness. Getting into an accident is often a startling event, and often your adrenaline begins pumping as you react to what happened. You may even enter into a state of shock. All these potential repercussions from an accident can dull your sense of pain and make you less cognizant as to whether you’ve suffered an injury or whether you feel any pain. You might not think you need to get medical attention right away, but this is a mistake.

What To Do If You’re Unsure About an Injury?

After an accident, it is advised that you first get evaluated by EMTs or first responders to see if they can identify any potential injuries you may be unaware of. They might recommend an ambulance ride or that you take yourself to the ER if you are able to.

If you feel anything out of the ordinary, you should go to the ER. Some injuries are harder to identify than others, and you might miss symptoms of developing injuries. Always go to the ER if you feel anything out of the ordinary, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Soreness
  • Stiffness
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Pain

All of these can be signs of soft tissue injuries or concussions, which are not as obvious as other injuries in many cases, but still require treatment.

A Beverly Hills Car Crash Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been in an accident and suffered an injury, you need experienced and dedicated Beverly Hills car crash attorneys that will help you hold the party responsible for the accident accountable for their actions. You need lawyers who will get the compensation you deserve, including for any ER bills following the crash. At Jalilvand Law, we have the right attorneys to help you with your claim. Contact us today – either online or by phone at 310.478.5800.