It is always concerning to get into an automobile accident, no matter where it happens. Even accidents that occur at low speed can cause severe injuries under certain conditions. When accidents occur at highway speeds, the outcomes can be catastrophic. Anyone injured in a highway crash should contact a Beverly Hills car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Highway Crashes Are So Dangerous

Highway accidents are among the most dangerous accidents one can be involved in. In California, they are particularly problematic with the high traffic volume on the highways and the dangerous speeds involved. For example, in 2016, there were over 6,500 fatal motor vehicle collisions in California. This is the second-highest state total in the country; only Texas had more. Nearly 39 percent of these fatal collisions occurred on an Interstate, U.S., or State Highway.

Thus, one can see why highway accidents are a far more concerning type of accident than accidents occurring on regular streets. The speed involved, the congestion of California’s highways, and the dangerousness of the type of driving encountered on highways all lead to highway accidents posing greater risks for serious injury when they occur compared to car accidents in other locations.

The top ten most dangerous California streets or roadways were comprised entirely of different interstate and state highways in the state, according to a study. Furthermore, the fatality rate for accidents occurring on the highways of California is ten times that of the fatality rate for accidents occurring on ordinary roads and streets. Thus, if you are involved in a highway accident, chances are you are going to need a reliable legal advocate to successfully pursue any claim you may have against another driver.

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