Amazon Drivers Can Cause Crashes

Amazon Drivers Can Cause Crashes

Amazon Drivers Can Cause Crashes

Amazon delivers a lot of packages, and as a result, the huge company has a lot of delivery drivers under contract. These drivers are under considerable pressure to deliver, and in the process, they sometimes cause serious delivery truck accidents. If you’ve been injured by an Amazon delivery driver’s negligence, don’t put off consulting with an experienced Beverly Hills delivery truck accident attorney.

Amazon Expects Speedy Delivery

Amazon leads the way in terms of speedy deliveries, and they have been accused of losing sight of safety in the process. According to The Press-Enterprise, many of the delivery drivers who contract through Amazon complain that the company implements an automated system that prioritizes the delivery of packages over safety – and that penalizes delivery drivers in the process. Specifically, Amazon is accused of fostering the following safety concerns:

  • Setting unreasonable delivery expectations
  • Failing to tailor expectations to local conditions

Dashed Expectations

Amazon delivery drivers fail to meet the delivery expectations set by Amazon about 10 percent of the time, and the company employs a suite of monitoring equipment in its branded delivery vans to help ensure that its drivers keep up. Ultimately, Amazon can direct its contract delivery companies to remove those drivers who lag behind from their rosters – effectively firing drivers who are not their employees in the first place. This push to deliver faster increases the risk that Amazon drivers will cause dangerous traffic accidents. 

An Experienced Beverly Hills Delivery Truck Accident Attorney Is in Your Corner

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