When Driver Negligence Is Also Criminal

When Driver Negligence Is Also Criminal

When Driver Negligence Is Also Criminal

If you’ve been harmed by another driver’s negligence, you have a civil claim against the at-fault driver (in the form of a car accident claim). Sometimes, however, this negligence can also be classified as criminal, which means the at-fault driver can also face a criminal charge. While this is separate from your case, a criminal charge can bolster your car accident claim by highlighting the extent of the other driver’s negligence. If a negligent driver injures you, an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney can help.


Driving under the influence of alcohol (with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or higher) is against the law in the State of California – and every other state in the nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlights exactly how prevalent and dangerous drunk driving is:

  • On any given day, about 32 people are killed by drunk drivers in the United States.
  • In 2020 alone, 11,654 people were killed in drunk driving accidents.
  • 2020 saw a 14 percent increase in the number of impaired driving fatalities (over 2019).

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving – or driving without regard for the safety of others on the road – is a criminal offense that is more likely to be charged as such when someone else is hurt in the process. If the other driver’s negligence reaches the level of recklessness (speeding excessively is a prime example), he or she could also face a criminal charge. 

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