Should You Call an Injury Attorney?

Should You Call an Injury Attorney?

Should You Call an Injury Attorney?

If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident of any sort, and that accident was someone else’s fault, it is time to contact an injury attorney. Whether it was intentional, such as someone attacking you or whether it was negligence that caused an accident, the law entitles you to a remedy for the injury or harm you suffer from someone else’s unjustified actions. To protect your rights, always contact a Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer for help immediately.

The Injury Claim Process is Complicated

After a car crash, you might think you can file an insurance claim and simply receive a check for your losses. After all, isn’t this what insurance is for? While this is how the system should work for car accident victims, it can be significantly more challenging.

Insurance companies will try to challenge or minimize your claim at every turn. Even if they know your claim is worth $80,000, they will try to get you to accept $15,000 or another low amount. They have many tactics they use during the claim process, and too many people end up with much less than they deserve.

If you have serious and permanent injuries or if fault is questioned in your accident, the process gets even more complex and difficult. Even if you think you have a straightforward claim, you always want legal assistance from the start.

Speak with a Beverly Hills Injury Attorney Today

So, if you have been injured in a car accident or another incident, you should consult the injury attorneys at Jalilvand Law. We are a dedicated team of attorneys whose mission is to fight for our clients to make sure they receive full compensation for their injuries caused by others. Contact us today – either on our website or by calling 310.478.5800.