Losses from Motorcycle Accidents

Losses from Motorcycle Accidents

Losses from Motorcycle Accidents

The allure of getting out on your bike and exploring the open road is undeniable, but when you’re on your bike, you’re far more vulnerable to the negligence of other drivers with whom you share the road. If you find yourself in the difficult position of being harmed by another driver’s recklessness in a motorcycle accident, a Beverly Hills motorcycle accident attorney can help.

The Losses You Experience

When you’re on your bike, nothing comes between you and the overwhelming impact of a crash, which can amplify the losses you incur. Common losses – or legal damages – include:

  • Property damage to your bike
  • Medical expenses that range from emergency care to surgery and beyond and that can be ongoing
  • Lost earnings that can include losses related to your ability to earn into the future
  • Physical and psychological pain and suffering that can lead to chronic concerns

The Other Driver’s Negligence

Motorists are responsible for sharing the road safely with everyone on it, and this includes motorcyclists in their midst. Unfortunately, far too many drivers fail to pay adequate attention to what is happening on the road around them, and motorcyclists can pay the ultimate price. All the following contribute to this danger:

  • You are more difficult to see in the first place when you’re on your motorcycle.
  • It is far easier for you to get lost in the blind spots of other drivers.
  • You are able to stop more nimbly on your bike, and motorists who fail to take this into consideration put you at increased risk of being rear-ended.

An Experienced Beverly Hills Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is on Your Side

The formidable Beverly Hills motorcycle accident attorneys at Jalilvand Law have the experience, legal drive, and compassion to help. Learn more when you contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.