Motorists Owe Motorcyclists Space on the Road

Motorists Owe Motorcyclists Space on the Road

Motorists Owe Motorcyclists Space on the Road

When you are on your bike, you’re well aware of the risks you face. Unfortunately, however, far too many motorists fail to accommodate the safe passage of motorcyclists in their midst, and often, this takes the form of not allowing them the space they need. If the negligence of someone behind the wheel of a car causes you to be injured on your bike, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Beverly Hills motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle Accidents

The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that motorcyclists are almost 29 times more likely to be killed in traffic accidents (per vehicle mile traveled) than occupants of cars are. In other words, understanding the risk involved when you’re on your bike is paramount. 

Distance Requirements

There are several primary reasons why motorists need to allow motorcyclists more space on our roadways, including:

●    Because cars are much larger and much heavier than motorcycles are, they require considerably longer stopping distances. When motorists fail to allow the necessary distance between their cars and forward motorcycles, it can lead to deadly rear-end accidents.

  • It’s more difficult for motorists to judge how fast motorcyclists are traveling and to judge how far away they are, which can put the motorcyclists at more considerable risk when passing through intersections.
  • While lane splitting is legal in California, it is illegal for motorists to impede the safe passage of motorcyclists by blocking their space on the road.

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