Pedestrian Risks in Beverly Hills

Pedestrian Risks in Beverly Hills

Pedestrian Risks in Beverly Hills

Pedestrian accidents can cause extremely serious injuries. In fact, they can leave victims with long-term medical problems or disabilities. Beverly Hills is a bustling neighborhood of one of the world’s biggest cities, Los Angeles. As a result, pedestrian accidents occur here with unfortunate regularity.

Covid Increased Pedestrian Traffic

Although most of us are no longer in strict quarantine, there are still a lot of people working remotely who need to go walk around the block once or twice a day to get their blood pumping and enjoy some fresh air. Because of this, there is more pedestrian traffic than usual. The Beverly Hills police department reported to the Beverly Hills Courier that, since 2019, there has been a dramatic surge in pedestrian accidents. In fact, 25% of California car accidents involve pedestrians.

Put Your Cell Phone Away

Driving (and crossing streets) while distracted has been an increasing problem over the last 15 years.             Don’t use headphones on both ears or at a high volume when you are near car traffic. Put your phone on silent if you can’t resist the temptation to check each notification.

Other Recommendations for Pedestrian Safety from Beverly Hills Police

The Beverly Hills police recommend using marked crosswalks, making eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of their vehicles, using extra caution at night (reflective gear, flashlight), and, yes, remembering to look both ways. Again, because of Covid, pedestrians are more likely to be walking or standing on the edge of the road instead of on the sidewalk. Some sidewalks are simply not wide enough for 2 joggers to pass one another without one of them getting in the roadway.

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