How Can You Prove Another Driver Was Drunk

How Can You Prove Another Driver Was Drunk

How Can You Prove Another Driver Was Drunk

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Southern California and the rest of the country. When a person drives under the influence of alcohol, they can cause serious, injury-causing accidents. In fact, UC Berkeley reported that over one thousand Californians were killed in alcohol-related accidents in a recent year. In the event that you were injured by a drunk driver, you should contact a Beverly Hills car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Record Everything

If you believe the driver who hit you had been drinking, call 911 immediately. Tell the dispatcher that the driver appears to be intoxicated. You can use your cell phone to take videos on the accident scene until the first responders are on the scene. Be sure that no one needs medical or other assistance first. You can also ask bystanders to take video or call 911 on your behalf.

Give Your Statement

After an accident involving a drunk driver, the police will likely ask you to provide a narrative of what happened. When you give your side of the story to the police, be sure to include all the details you can recall, such as:

  • Was the driver swerving?
  • Were they driving erratically?
  • Did the driver
  • Were they disregarding street signs or traffic signals?

Driving too slow or over-cautiously can also be signs of an impaired driver. Just give the police every little detail you recall, even if it doesn’t seem super relevant.

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