How a Spinal Injury Can Change Your Life Financially

How a Spinal Injury Can Change Your Life Financially

How a Spinal Injury Can Change Your Life Financially

At our Beverly Hills personal injury law firm, we have seen the outrageous costs our spinal cord injury clients face. Spinal injuries are extremely life-altering events. Most of us are, for example, familiar with Christopher Reeves’s horseback-riding accident that left him paralyzed in a wheelchair and relying on breathing machines. He required professional care around the clock and ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Post-Accident Medical Bills

For someone with paralysis, the following are some estimated costs of a spinal cord injury immediately after it occurs (hospitalization):

  • Quadripelegic (high neck injury), $1,064,716
  • Quadripelegic (upper spine), $769,351
  • Paraplegic (lower spine), $347,484

Often those affected by spinal cord injuries are in the hospital (or transitional nursing homes) for 6 to 12 months or more.                                                       

The costs of care continue well after being released from the hospital, as victims require ongoing care and, for most spinal cord injuries, they might require a full-time caregiver. Typically, a family member gets trained by experts on how to handle non-emergency basic care, but that often requires that family member to give up their paying job. Instead of just one lost income, there are now two.

Bringing in trained medical professionals to handle medication and more involved care, of course, is another necessary expense. Many people with more severe injuries (or without the means to return home) need to live in nursing homes. Needless to say, knowing your legal rights to possible compensation after a spinal injury is critical.

Our Beverly Hills Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Spinal Cord Injuries

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