Product Liability Claims

Product Liability Claims

Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims are unique claims that reflect injuries caused by the commercial products that we purchase. When a manufacturer’s focus is on profits – to the detriment of consumer safety – product liability claims are often the result, and the underlying accidents can be exceptionally serious.

When Consumer Goods Cause Harm

Most of the consumer goods we purchase do what they are advertised to do – to one extent or the other – but sometimes, they end up being exceptionally dangerous. Product liability claims come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all break down into three basic categories.

Dangerous Due to Design Defect

Some commercial products are dangerous right out of the gate because they are based on designs that are not sound to begin with. When a toy for a small child, for example, is designed to have small, brightly colored, removable parts that entice young children to plop them in their mouths, the toy is based on a flawed design.

Made Dangerous during Manufacture

Some products are based on viable designs and are generally safe, but one or more runs during manufacture are rendered dangerous. A common example is a drug that is deemed safe by the FDA but that is contaminated during the manufacturing process.

Dangerous Due to Lack of Warning or instructions

Some consumer goods are obviously dangerous when not used with care, including all the following examples:

  • Power tools
  • Guns
  • Cooking devices
  • Poison for pests

When items such as these lack adequate warnings, instructions for safe usage, or both, the results can be devastating.

An Experienced Beverly Hills Product Liability Attorney Is in Your Corner

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