Road Rage Drivers Are Dangerous

Road Rage Drivers Are Dangerous

Road Rage Drivers Are Dangerous

When you get involved in a dispute on the road with a driver of another vehicle, you must take care to be cautious of individuals susceptible to road rage behavior. Road rage-prone drivers enter a state of mind that makes them unreasonable and often dangerous to deal with. They may begin to drive recklessly or dangerously and put you at risk when they are dissatisfied with your driving, they may become violent if you get into a dispute over a traffic or driving incident, and it is quite difficult to reason with them or calmly assess the situation.

Road Rage In America

What is worrisome about road rage is how frequently it occurs. According to one survey, in the year 2019, over 82 percent of people admitted to engaging in a road rage act within the past year. That is significant, though it is likely the majority of those reporting to have committed road rage were not referring to exceptionally violent or dangerous acts. All the same, the frequency in which individuals act on their road rage is alarming, and should caution any driver should they face someone exhibiting indications of being in a state of road rage. Another statistic says that in the past ten years, there have been three hundred deaths that have occurred due to road rage incidents.

Consult with a Beverly Hills Road Rage Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries because of a driver acting out of road rage, you need to call the police and then contact the skilled Beverly Hills car accident attorneys at Jalilvand Law. Our firm will handle your case and make sure that the aggressor exhibiting the road rage that has caused you to suffer harm is held accountable for his reckless acts.  Contact us today – either online or by calling us at 310.478.5800.