Were You in a Taxi Accident?

Were You in a Taxi Accident?

Were You in a Taxi Accident?

If a taxi driver leaves you injured, you may be utterly confused about how to obtain just compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. The bottom line is that taxi accident claims proceed like other car accident claims except that they are generally filed with the taxi company’s coverage, which is likely to be more robust than the driver’s personal coverage. If the driver is self-employed, however, he or she is required to carry more comprehensive coverage as a taxi driver than he or she carries personally. An experienced Beverly Hills accident attorney can help you get to the bottom of the matter.

Your Losses

One of the most important elements of your taxi accident claim is ensuring that your complete physical, financial, and emotional losses are well represented. Such losses can include:

  • Your Medical Expenses, which may be ongoing if your injuries are serious or lead to complications
  • Your lost earnings, which can include losses related to earning potential
  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering, which deserves careful attention

The Taxi Driver’s Negligence

Taxi drivers spend long hours behind the wheel, and in the process, there is plenty of room for driver negligence – which is often at the root of taxi accidents. Consider the following common forms of negligence:

  • Distraction (failure to pay adequate attention to driving safely)
  • Failure to abide by the rules of the road
  • Exhaustion (drowsy driving is dangerous driving)
  • Impairment
  • Excess speed
  • Aggression

Seek the Guidance of an Experienced Beverly Hills Taxi Accident Attorney

The distinguished Beverly Hills taxi accident attorneys at Jalilvand Law care about your recovery and are committed to skillfully advocating for your claim’s advantageous outcome.  Your claim is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.