Truck Crashes on the I-5

Truck Crashes on the I-5

Truck Crashes on the I-5

I-5 is a vital roadway that runs practically from border to border along the Pacific Coast. The location and necessity of this highway mean that it will be packed with trucks. These large vehicles often do not share the road well with drivers, causing serious accidents and injuries.

There is not much that we can say about the Freeway that you have not already heard and experienced for yourself. One of the reasons why the Freeway is so packed is that drivers getting to and from work are not the only ones using this road.

Serious Truck Crashes on I-5

In Los Angeles County, there is a fatal truck crash an average of every three days. Some of these crashes occur on the local portion of I-5. In December 2021, there were two serious accidents involving trucks on the local part of the roadway within a three-day span. One of these crashes involved two trucks and seven other vehicles. One driver was killed in the accident, which happened when roadways were slick from a rainstorm.

One reason for the increased dangers on I-5 is that truck drivers may take more chances when they have lost time due to traffic. They can only drive a certain number of each on each shift, and they may be tempted to make up for lost time by speeding. Even if they are on I-5 in off-peak hours, their driving behavior can be more aggressive because they are in a hurry and pressed to make a delivery.

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