Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

Many households across the U.S. have become dependent on Amazon deliveries, and the company’s influence and prevalence in our daily society can not be understated. Amazon delivery trucks are as common as any other commercial vehicle on the road, and they travel everywhere to perform their essential services. With more of these Amazon delivery trucks on the road, delivery van and truck crashes can also increase.

Factors Leading Amazon Delivery Crashes

With the rise of services like Amazon Prime delivery and its promises of immediate delivery, many drivers have a more frantic approach to meeting delivery deadlines. Studies have concluded this is a major reason for rising accident rates involving Amazon delivery trucks. The constant pressure to deliver ever more packages on Amazon drivers has led to reckless driving behavior.

Drivers are faced with the following dilemmas:

  • Drivers must often deliver upwards of 250 packages a day, leaving only a time window of a few minutes for each delivery. 
  • Speeding and reckless driving can be common as drivers struggle to drop off orders before the deadline.
  • Amazon drivers have been observed driving vehicles filled with enough packages to block their windshields and hamper visibility. 
  • Drivers are likely working while fatigued, often even skipping bathroom breaks just to complete their runs.

One recent example was a driver piling parcels so high on his dashboard that windshield visibility was compromised, causing a recent serious injurious collision. Public records document hundreds of road wrecks involving Amazon delivery trucks in the past five years, with Amazon named as a defendant in at least 100 lawsuits. The true number is likely higher, as in some states, including California, accident reports are not made public. 

Speak with a Beverly Hills Truck Accident Attorney

At Jalilvand Law, we have dedicated attorneys who are well-equipped to help you hold Amazon or its drivers liable for any accidents and injuries. If you’ve been a victim of an accident by an Amazon truck driver, don’t wait to retain a lawyer, as Amazon’s legal team has defended lawsuits effectively in the past. Please reach out to a Beverly Hills truck accident lawyer by contacting us today either online or by phone at 310.478.5800.