Truck Driver Error is Often to Blame in a Crash

Truck Driver Error is Often to Blame in a Crash

Truck Driver Error is Often to Blame in a Crash

Our Beverly Hills truck accident law firm represents plenty of crash victims, and one thing we can say is that truck driver error is often to blame. Think of the holiday stress truck drivers are under, for example, combined with winter driving conditions that can easily lead to mistakes and collisions. The following are some ways you can keep yourself safe whenever possible and, in the event of a crash, contact our firm for a free case evaluation.

Never Drive in a Truck’s Blind Spots

If you can’t see a semi-truck’s mirrors, the driver can’t see you. Remember th the blind spot on a big truck is much bigger than the blind spot on your car. Additionally, the truck driver is sitting much higher up, which makes visibility worse across the board.

Understand How Truck Drivers Are Paid

Understand that truck drivers are often paid using systems that reward them for driving long hours without any stops and for traveling as fast as possible. This information will hopefully help you remember to give trucks extra space and to drive safely yourself.

Slow Down in Work Zones

A third of work zone crashes involve large trucks, and there is a reason why there are bright cones, extra speed limit signs, and CHP cars stationed at highway construction sites. These are dangerous areas. Slow down, give a generous space cushion – especially to trucks – and keep an active visual search pattern when you pass through work zones.

Reach Out to our Beverly Hills Accident Lawyers If You’ve Been Hit

When truck drivers cause crashes, our Beverly Hills truck accident lawyer team can help you hold the driver and trucking company accountable. Reach out to Jalilvand Law right away if you’ve been injured in a truck accident. Contact us at 310.478.5800 or submit our contact form to learn more.