Injured by a Negligent Truck Driver? Take These Steps

Injured by a Negligent Truck Driver? Take These Steps

Injured by a Negligent Truck Driver? Take These Steps

You probably don’t need to be told that truck accidents are the deadliest accidents out there. The sheer size of these massive vehicles also helps to ensure that the occupants of the other vehicles involved are far more likely to be injured in the course of truck accidents (according to the National Safety Council – NSC). In fact, the occupants of passenger vehicles make up a full 71 percent of those who lose their lives in truck accidents. If you’re injured by a truck driver’s negligence, one of the first steps you should take is consulting with an experienced Beverly Hills Truck Accident Lawyer.

Protect Yourself and Your Claim

Although no two truck accident claims are ever exactly alike, the steps truck accident victims like you should take to protect themselves and their claims remain the same, including:

  • Pay careful attention to your doctor’s instructions and advice
  • Work closely with a dedicated truck accident lawyer
  • Don’t post on social media
  • Defer to your lawyer when the insurance company asks for a statement about the accident
  • Focus on your health and recovery while your lawyer builds your strongest claim in defense of your legal rights

In the end, the insurance company is good at what it does, and this includes casting doubt on the strength of your claim and the extent of your losses. The less you share with the insurance company – including on social media – the less they have to work with in terms of twisting available evidence to their own design.

Don’t Delay Consulting with an Experienced Beverly Hills Truck Accident Lawyer

The knowledgeable Beverly Hills truck accident lawyers at Jalilvand Law have reserves of experience helping truck accident victims like you recover on their full range of physical, financial, and emotional losses, and we’re on your side. For more information, please contact or call us at 310.478.5800 today.