Fatal Truck Crashes

Fatal Truck Crashes

Fatal Truck Crashes

Truck driving is one of the most dominant jobs in the State of California, but it is also a dangerous and risky occupation. Trucks carry heavy amounts of weight when transporting cargo, their size makes them unstable while on the road, and truck drivers have a limited amount of vision while driving across California’s populated highways.

It is no surprise that California has averaged more than 250 truck accident deaths per year, and in 2020, large truck accidents accounted for 10% of all vehicle fatalities in our state. In California, the I-5 and I-10 highways alone average over a thousand truck accidents per year.

Due to their large size, trucks involved in traffic accidents carry a higher risk of causing serious injury or death when they crash. Those on the road alongside trucks in passenger vehicles are put at a high risk of death or serious injury should a truck initiate a collision. Trucks can crush passenger vehicles, or smaller vehicles can get wedged and dragged underneath the high clearance of semi-trailers.

If you or a loved one you know was injured or killed in a truck accident, you have a right to a legal claim for damages to compensate you or your loved one for the injury or their loss. Often, truck drivers and trucking companies can be liable for these accidents and losses, so you should not wait to learn about your rights.

Let a Beverly Hills Truck Accident Lawyer Evaluate Your Case

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident in California, you need a lawyer you can depend on to represent your case properly. Our Beverly Hills truck crash attorneys at Jalilvand Law regularly take on large trucking corporations on behalf of injured victims, so contact us today, either online or by calling 310.478.5800.