If the Insurance Company Denies Your Car Accident Claim

If the Insurance Company Denies Your Car Accident Claim

If the Insurance Company Denies Your Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, the path forward involves filing your claim with the at-fault motorist’s car insurance provider. If the insurance company turns around and denies your claim from the outset, it can leave you at an utter loss and may lead you to believe you don’t have a claim, to begin with. In such situations, however, consulting with an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney can make the difference you’re looking for.

The Insurance Company Does Not Have the Final Say

If the insurance company handling your claim comes back with a denial, it can feel very final, but it’s important to understand that this is not necessarily the end of the matter. In the end, car accident cases are resolved in accordance with California’s personal injury laws and are not left to the profit-driven whims of the insurance industry.

Your Case Will Be Resolved According to the Evidence

If the insurance company denies your claim out of hand, your car accident attorney will very likely advise you to file a lawsuit against them, which may motivate the provider to negotiate more fairly. Regardless of whether your case is settled or goes to court, however, the outcome will hinge on evidence related to the following:

  • The other driver’s fault in the matter
  • The losses – or legal damages – you experience as a result

Your car accident attorney will accumulate the evidence in your case and use it to craft your strongest claim – in focused pursuit of the compensation to which you are entitled.

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