How Much Can You Get for a Car Accident Claim?

How Much Can You Get for a Car Accident Claim?

How Much Can You Get for a Car Accident Claim?

What you can receive from a legal claim following a car accident depends on a variety of factors. Specifically, it depends on how severe your injuries were and the extent of your many losses. The more serious the accident and injuries, the larger the sum of money you might expect to receive from a claim arising out of that car accident. The only way we can know exactly what your claim is worth is for us to review your specific injuries and losses.

Some losses are easier to calculate than others, and examples of losses that might factor into your claim include:

  • Medical expenses – You can seek compensation for all of the costs of your past and future medical treatment. If you have not finished your treatment yet, calculating how much you need to cover future medical care can be particularly complex, and we use medical experts regularly for this type of calculation.
  • Lost income – Proving your past lost income is much simpler than proving future lost earnings if you cannot return to work. Our attorneys can utilize financial and occupational experts to estimate the amount of future income you will lose.
  • Intangible losses – Many of the hardest losses to value are intangible, as these are not associated with financial losses. These include pain and suffering, permanent disabilities or disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and similar losses that should never be underestimated.

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