Car Accidents Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

Car Accidents Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

Car Accidents Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents can widely range in severity, as can the injuries that result. Some people are able to walk away from a crash scene with hardly a scratch. Others sustain injuries that are completely and forever life-altering. Crashes can result in catastrophic injuries, which are injuries that impact the functioning of your brain, spinal cord, or other body parts.

Catastrophic injuries from traffic wrecks can include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can cause long-term coma and permanent cognitive and physical impairments
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI), which can result in permanent paralysis below the location of the injury
  • Third-degree burns, which might cause permanent disfigurement, loss of use of a body part, or even amputation
  • Amputation, which removes an extremity, appendage, or limb

These injuries require immediate trauma care and emergency transportation with the proper medical personnel. Then, victims regularly spend a long time in the hospital and might need to undergo one or more surgical procedures. Many patients need time in a rehabilitation or burn center and might need home health care.

After extensive medical treatment, victims of catastrophic injuries will likely be left with permanent disabilities. They might no longer be able to work, might not be able to engage in usual activities, and might need to make adjustments to their home or vehicle. Some disabilities require medical equipment, home assistance, and more.

The losses from catastrophic injuries can be overwhelming and lifelong. You need an attorney who handles claims involving severe and permanent injuries and who knows how to calculate your future losses.

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