Car Crash Risks on Road Trips

Car Crash Risks on Road Trips

Car Crash Risks on Road Trips

As spring break is right around the corner and summer break is in sight, many families are planning road trips. Road trips are also a popular form of travel with COVID-19 concerns, keeping many people off planes. If your family is headed out on a road trip, you should keep the possible risks of a crash in mind.


Road trips involve long hours on the highway, and some people try to get as far as possible before stopping for the night. This can result in fatigue, and drowsy driving can be similarly dangerous to drunk driving. Always pull over or switch drivers if you are getting at all fatigued. Further, stay aware that other drivers – including truck drivers – might be fatigued, as well.


Driving for long distances often tempts people to eat in the car, entertain themselves by talking on the phone, messaging, or switching podcasts and music, and more. These can all be distracting activities that can lead to an accident. In addition, if you are bringing your children on your road trip, the driver should not be responsible for tending to them in the backseat while on the road.

Car Malfunctions

Many cars are not used to racking up the highway miles in a short period of time, and it is always wise to get a full inspection and tune-up before heading out on your road trip. Still, tires might blow out, brakes might give out, or other malfunctions that cause you to be in an accident.

Consult with a Beverly Hills Car Accident Lawyer

If an accident and injuries on a road trip were the fault of another driver or party, you have important legal rights to compensation. An experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney at Jalilvand Law can take the necessary legal action in your situation. Contact us online or call 310.478.5800 for a free consultation today.