Are You Following Your Medical Treatment after a Crash?

Are You Following Your Medical Treatment after a Crash?

Are You Following Your Medical Treatment after a Crash?

After being in a car crash and sustaining injuries, you might begin a long road to recovery and rehabilitation. In order to ensure that you are allowing your wounds to heal as they should, it is important to keep up with your medical treatment long after your accident occurs.  This means following the doctor’s orders, going to follow-up appointments, and continuing ongoing care, such as physical therapy, to continue the healing process. 

This can affect your car accident injury claim as well, as the opposing party to your claim will be looking to make sure you are doing all you can to help reduce the severity and impact of your injuries. If you are doing nothing to help your injuries in the aftermath of the accident, additional complications can arise, and the insurer might refuse to cover the costs of treating the preventable complications.

In addition, if you skip physical therapy appointments or fail to attend recommended follow-ups, the insurance company will likely assume that your injuries are not all that serious. For example, if you are claiming you have significant pain and suffering, but did not heed all treatment advice, the insurer will likely challenge your pain and suffering damages. They argue that if you were suffering so much, you would take all the necessary steps to heal.

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