Causes of Highway Car Accidents

Causes of Highway Car Accidents

Causes of Highway Car Accidents

Many people think that highways are safer than city streets because there are fewer risk factors. This is not entirely true as highways have their own risks. Here are some causes of highway accidents.

Distracted Driving

When motorists are on highways, they may be on long commutes or trips. As dangerous as it is, they feel like they could do other things behind the wheel, such as eating or texting. When the car is traveling at a high speed, it compounds the dangers of distracted driving. In just a few seconds, a car can travel the length of a football field, and distracted driving costs a motorist the valuable time that they need to brake.

Fatigued Driving

Drivers are often doing long stretches behind the wheel on the highway. When they have not gotten the proper rest, they are every bit as dangerous as someone driving drunk. Drivers should take the time to stop, even if they don’t feel tired. When they do feel tired, they should pull over and rest. Fatigued driving kills over 1,500 people each year and injures 70,000 more.


Motorists must share the road with trucks. These very large vehicles create their own set of dangers for drivers because of the size disparity. Oftentimes, these trucks are poorly maintained, or the drivers are not properly trained. Drivers may also be distracted and fatigued, and they may take chances to try to reach their destination on time. Truck accident injuries tend to be more severe than other crashes.

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