Common Fatal Injuries

Common Fatal Injuries

Common Fatal Injuries

When people die in an accident, not much is known about the actual cause of death. It is important to know this for an accident lawsuit. Here are three common fatal injuries.

Head Injuries

Trauma and damage to the head are the most common causes of accident-related injuries. With a brain injury, the person can suffer a hematoma and bleeding on the brain. Then, the brain could stop performing its necessary function as tissues and cells are destroyed. Blunt force trauma to the head could cause immediate death. The brain usually sends signals to heart muscles to keep pumping blood, and impact could cause this signal to stop.

Loss of Blood

Uncontrollable bleeding is a cause of death in many accidents. This is one that could often be prevented with quick and decisive action. However, medics may not arrive in time to stop the bleeding and save the accident victim’s life. Loss of blood means that the body is not getting the nutrients or oxygen it needs. Once enough blood is lost, the victim will go into shock. Without oxygen, the heart cannot continue to beat.

Internal Injuries

The force of an accident could also cause damage to tissue and organs. For example, in a car accident, victims could suffer from kidney damage or a lacerated liver. These organs regulate essential bodily functions, and victims cannot live when they stop working. In addition, accidents could cause internal bleeding that often cannot be controlled. Victims could also suffer from an abdominal aorta aneurysm, affecting the flow of blood to the body.

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